We are an exclusive product design and development firm. Past years’ experience equipped us with abilities to navigate between projects and technologies. From the concept stage to the final production our creative process integrates research, observation and experimentation to achieve a variety of aesthetic, technological and engineering solutions. We specialize in design and development of medical devices, consumer electronics and professional equipment, for clients ranging from start-ups to mature international companies.

Our team includes experienced designers possessing versatile capabilities and a true passion for creation. The extremely complexed world of industrial design demands a deep, multidisciplinary understanding, therefore for each project we establish a team of experts, including product designers, engineers, model builders, graphic designers, and more.

Ofer Dahan

A strategist. Sees the broad picture and manages it creatively. seeks to reinvent and stretch boundaries in all he does. Enjoys swimming, diving, rock climbing, and any activity that distances him a bit from the solid ground we stand on. Graduated from the “Bezalel – Academy of Arts and Design” and “Politecnico Di Milano”.

David Sosnovsky

Brings design to the level of a fine art, constantly seeks to inspires and be inspired. Loves music, drawing, and cycling. Earned a graduate and postgraduate degree from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, teaches industrial design at HIT. Senior designer and expert on future trends and innovation in the world of design.

Eitan Gigi

An out of the box thinker who turns up with unique solutions to technical and aesthetic challenges. Curious by nature, he has to understand how things work. Lives and breathes creativity. Eitan is an ex-rock guitarist, loves cycling and composing limericks. Graduated from the “Bezalel – Academy of Arts and Design”.

So how is it that Lama can give you a fantastic product? It’s the blood in our veins and the air we breathe. Our fingers itching to come to grips with a new challenge. Our passion for our profession and dedication to being professional. The coffee. The drive to reinvent and stretch the envelope of esthetics, technology, and function. Design magazines and blogs with our morning coffee. And with the afternoon cup, too. The desire to fathom what and who is design,  its history, its keystones. Technology. Modern design. Post-modern design. Sustainable design. Usability. The coffee. The touch of insanity it takes (it may pass)  Design trends. Public opinion. Leading. Leading public opinion. Being slightly unhinged. Possibly more than slightly. Being passionate. The coffee. This is our real About.