Our DIY curing device

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There are many DIY curing devices out there, most of them use only UV light.  We've been doing some reading and realized that we will get the best curing result for our SLA parts by combining UV light with heat. Our printer is the Formlabs Form 2 . Here is our super easy version of DIY curing device. 

:Required supplies include

A 30-40 Liter toaster oven. When buying it is important to check that it has the ability to produce 50-60 degrees Celsius

Four units of 9w UV LED lamps 405nm +4 units of 9w 2 pin lamp holders

Some plywood pieces

Electric stuff; wires, choke 220\110 (Depends on where you live) to 9W, Electrical switch…. Consult an electrician for the planning and assembly phaze


That’s about it 


Attach each pair of lamp holders to a plywood strip with holes for wires 


Depends on your toaster and its internal wiring and components-make holes for wires and attach the plywood to the toaster's panel



!Insulation, important


!Coffee break, important


…Back pannel, chokes, wires, switch

Pack the back side (electricity unit) with a nice and safe box



Even though Formlabs recommend 80 degrees Celsius for some of their materials we are being careful and hit our device to 40-50 degrees max. Our printed parts are cured perfectly this way. You can upgrade your device by using a temperature gauge or any other smart stuff, we didn't… Basically all we did is adding UV light, we didn't touch the toaster's electricity system. We bought our lamp holders and other electrical components in a local store next to our office

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