CountWise asked Studiolama to provide them with a turnkey solution for their flagship product. By choosing to work with us, CountWise also benefited from local development costs and our on-site supervision at the manufacturing plants in Israel


CountWise is a US market leader of people-counting solutions for retail businesses and has developed a technology that gathers and analyzes customer traffic data. The analysis is then used to optimize staffing, identify bottle-necks in customer service, and implement data management tools, ultimately boosting store profitability. Our seasoned team of designers steered the entire process, beginning with the design requirements analysis and right up to the final marketable product, applying our full gamut of expertise as an industrial-design studio. Time was our greatest challenge here. We were assigned a scant few weeks to go from design brief to fully-fledged prototype. Within this tight schedule we accomplished a quick and effective design analysis, received from the customer all the components that had to be fitted into the plastic casing, and submitted photorealistic 3D simulations of the design concept.

Once the simulations were approved, we finalized the mechanical engineering, and shipped the prototype to Florida. Still working to tight deadlines, we engineered the plan for mass production and drew up the final specification. We created a clean and contemporary design, and branded it with the company logo strategically displayed on the upper part of the product. Manufacturing and assembling this product is relatively uncomplicated because the plastic casing has only two shells and a Lexan front panel. We chose Lexan, easily customized to be both attractive and user-friendly, to create a two-dimensional smart panel, and utilized one of Lexan’s interesting qualities to set the controls flush with the panel. The product is manufactured in Israel and distributed as part of the CountWise system to CountWise customers world-wide such as American Airlines, H&M, Quicksilver and others.